SMILE project set to launch Orkney trial in November

Along with other partners involved in the Smart Islands Energy Systems (SMILE) initiative to show innovative solutions in large-scale smart grid demonstration projects, Sunamp is gearing up for the implementation phase of the Orkney pilot project, starting in November.

Upgrading of the electricity system is vital for achieving Europe’s energy targets, and smart grids and flexible electricity systems are essential for this modernization. Paving the way for their introduction in the market in the near future, the SMILE project will demonstrate different technological and non-technological solutions in projects in the Orkneys, Samsø and Madeira islands, each with similar isolated grid characteristics but different policies, regulations and energy markets. These so-called “energy islands” are representative of the energy revolution and the potential for energy independence from imported fossil fuels in communities worldwide.

The technological solutions include integration of battery technology, power to heat, heat batteries, power to fuel, pumped hydro, electric vehicles, electricity stored on board of boats, an aggregator approach to demand side management (DSM) and predictive algorithms.

Launched in May 2017, the SMILE consortium is composed by 19 partners from 6 EU countries. The four year project, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020, aims to test solutions while establishing mutual learning processes and providing best practice guidance for replication in other regions. Watch this space.

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