Andrew was `keynote speaker’ at IIES 2018 Science and Policy meeting today in Edinburgh at ECCI. These are his slides.

The International Institute for Environmental Studies (IIES) annual Science and Policy workshop is being held at ECCI, University of Edinburgh, July 1-3, 2018.

These are the conference themes:

Environmental Policy: Development and Implementation
How do we align environmental policy with our rapidly changing and decarbonising world? The UK has published a 25-year environment plan gives comprehensive coverage of its aspirations in environmental policy but can this be delivered? What approaches are being taken in other countries? Does policy implementation simply displace pollution?

Energy, Sustainable Materials and Green Chemistry
Electrochemical storage beyond lithium batteries; sustainability of battery technologies; emerging renewable energy technologies; generating wealth from waste.

Environmental Contaminants and Ecosystem/Human Health
Plastics pollution; pesticides in agricultural systems; heavy metals and mining wastes; contaminants from new technologies; persistent organic pollutants; PM1 and PM2.5 in urban environments; VOCs from bioenergy crops.

Water and Wastewater Treatment
Natural organic matter and disinfection by-products; emerging pollutants including pharmaceuticals and personal care products; greener ways to treat wastewater; sludge as a resource; bioenergy potential.

As CEO of SunAmp, a company working together with University of Edinburgh, on developing novel thermal energy storage systems, Andrew Bissell shared with the IIES members the potential of Heat Batteries to reduce carbon emissions and to provide future energy sustainability.

Download The Slide Deck Here: