Which Thermino heat battery is right for you?

Get to know our latest range, future-proofed with Optimino technology

If you’re upgrading your hot water system, there are many benefits when choosing a Thermino heat battery instead of a conventional hot water cylinder.

A Thermino stores energy in a phase change material, which can be released on-demand to provide mains pressure hot water. The batteries are up to four times smaller than the equivalent cylinder because the phase change material is much more energy-dense than water. They also have considerably lower heat losses than a traditional cylinder and don’t require any mandatory annual maintenance.

The latest Thermino range with Optimino technology has the added benefit of allowing you to spread the cost of moving away from fossil fuels in favour of renewables.

Why should you choose a Thermino?

If you’re looking to transition to a gas-free home, upgrading your hot water system for a Thermino is a great place to start.

Our latest Optimino technology allows you to move to renewables in stages, without changing your hot water system. Start with a future-proof thermal battery and benefit from the high energy efficiency and low heat losses of Thermino heat batteries.

Solar PV can be added to the ePlus model later, saving you more on energy bills by using on-site generated electricity, or solar PV and a heat pump can be added to the xPlus, without any need to buy a new battery. Just add the corresponding Optimino key to your existing Thermino for a seamless transition to renewable energy sources. This gives you greater flexibility to move away from fossil fuels at your own pace.

Heating and hot water account for over half of the average home’s energy use, so you can make significant carbon emission reductions by changing your system and upgrading to renewable sources, even if you do this in stages. If you’ve got a gas combi boiler for heating and hot water, switching to a Thermino with solar PV to provide your hot water needs can lead to a 12% reduction in carbon emissions. Swapping your boiler for a heat pump can then reduce your carbon emissions by an impressive 72% overall.

Which Thermino models are available?

The latest Thermino range has two models. The ePlus is an alternative to a direct hot water cylinder and replaces the previous Thermino e and ePV models. The xPlus is an alternative to an indirect hot water cylinder and replaces the previous Thermino, Thermino i, iPV, hp and hPV models.

Each model works with a range of energy sources – use the chart below to work out which one will suit you now and work with any renewables you plan to add in the future.

In terms of volume, the Thermino ePlus comes in four litre-equivalent sizes, and the xPlus comes in three litre-equivalent sizes for easy comparison with traditional hot water cylinders. The smallest size of ePlus is a 70, which is best suited for a 1-bedroom home or apartment. Both the ePlus and xPlus are also available in a 150 which is recommended for a 1 to 2-bed home, a 210 for a 3-bed, and a 300 for homes with 4 or more bedrooms.

This compact, flexible technology will work seamlessly as your home’s hot water heating system, saving valuable space in your home, cutting down carbon emissions and providing reliable on-demand mains-pressure hot water.

Ready to make your first move towards a gas-free home?

If you’re a homeowner, check our certified stockist and installer map to find one near you. If you’re a social landlord or housing developer, get in touch with our team here.

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