How a Sunamp thermal battery works

A can store energy as heat and release it when you need it. Our Thermino batteries can be charged either from the grid or renewable sources, like or a heat pump, and provide hot water on demand.

In the last of our Story of Sunamp series, CEO and co-founder Andrew Bissell explains how this works and how we make our thermal batteries.

Sunamp thermal batteries contain our Plentigrade phase change material, which has very high energy density, paired with a high powered heat exchanger and vacuum insulation. This allows our batteries to store heat safely, efficiently, and with minimal heat loss. The heat can then be released as high flow rate hot water when needed.

Engineered outside Edinburgh for global production, our thermal batteries allow us to deliver on our founding promise of displacing the need for gas and fossil fuels to heat water, in favour of renewable energy from heat pumps and solar.

If you missed our last videos, catch up to find out about Sunamp's vision for a world powered by renewables and thermal storage, and how we developed our Plentigrade phase change material.

Published: 27 July 2023