Sunamp and 4-Noks partnership will help householders in Italy maximise the use of solar electricity for hot water 

Householders in Italy will be able to reduce their hot water heating costs thanks to a new partnership between Sunamp and electronic solutions manufacturer 4-Noks.  

Pairing a Thermino heat battery with 4-noks's compatible Power Reducer and Elios4you energy management system can increase self-consumption of solar electricity and lead to lower energy bills.  

Generation from is usually highest during the day, but typically households use most electricity in the morning and evening. Storing excess solar electricity in a Thermino helps households use more of the electricity generated by their PV system. 

The latest range of Thermino heat batteries are all future-proofed for solar PV, allowing householders to use renewable energy from their solar PV system to produce reliable, mains-pressure hot water on-demand.  

Solar panels on house roof against blue sky

Compatibility with the 4-Noks Power Reducer makes this possible by diverting excess solar energy to charge the Thermino heat battery, rather than this going back to the grid.  

4-Noks Elios4you energy management system then measures the energy produced by the solar PV system, the household energy consumption, and the exchange with the grid in real time, allowing householders to track their usage.  

Using a Thermino in this system, rather than a conventional , has a number of key benefits for householders. Thermino heat batteries store energy in Plentigrade, our patented phase change material which is far more energy-dense than water, meaning the batteries are up to four times smaller than the equivalent hot water cylinder.  

Thermino heat batteries also have minimal heat losses thanks to the use of vacuum insulation, which means they lose less than a quarter of the heat of a conventional hot water cylinder. The xPlus model is compatible with heat pumps as well as solar PV, helping drive the transition away from gas.  

Download the Thermino and Elios4you brochure (Italian) for more information.

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Published: 8 February 2024