Sunamp and Ripple Energy sign MoU to provide zero-carbon heat and hot water

World-leading thermal storage company Sunamp and pioneering clean energy ownership platform Ripple Energy have a signed a memorandum of understanding to provide Ripple customers with zero carbon heating and hot water solutions.

Ripple Energy enables people to part-own large scale wind farms to supply their homes with clean, low-cost electricity. Ripple partners with utilities to provide the electricity from customers’ wind farms to their homes, via the grid. Regardless of property type, tenure or location, householders can now own their own source of clean, low-cost power.

Based on phase change material which can capture heat in a variety of ways, Sunamp heat batteries are aimed at maximizing the penetration of renewables and minimizing fuel bills and are the modern alternative to bulky and outdated hot water tanks. They deliver cascades of hot water on demand with savings on utility bills and have a proven lifecycle of over 40,000 cycles, which is equivalent to over 50 years of normal use.

Ripple Energy will soon offer Sunamp’s energy-efficient, compact heat batteries to its customers. Householders will now be able to access hot water and heating on demand, all powered by their own wind farm. Consumers could reduce their household emissions by up to 40% by switching their heating to a Sunamp battery and powering it, and the rest of their home, with their wind farm.

Commenting on the agreement, CEO and founder of Ripple Energy Sarah Merrick said: “People want simple, genuinely effective ways to act on climate change. We’re really excited to be working with Sunamp to offer people an easy way to heat their homes from their very own wind farm. Electricity from their wind farm will also power other home appliances to drastically reduce carbon emissions.”

Andrew Bissell, CEO and founder of Sunamp said: “We are delighted to have reached an agreement to provide zero-carbon heating and hot water solutions to climate-conscious Ripple Energy customers nationwide. We have a shared ambition to bring new choices for consumers who care about home comfort, efficiency and the environment, and our advanced expertise in thermal energy storage has delivered super compact heat batteries which can enable Ripple customers to heat their home using their own wind power.”

Figures for the 40% saving are based on the ‘Living Carbon Free’ report by the Energy Systems Catapult for the Committee on Climate Change, which estimates 40% of a household’s CO2 emissions in 2017 were from heating and electricity consumption.

Living Carbon Free – Exploring what a net-zero target means for households (Energy Systems Catapult)

About Ripple Energy

Ripple Energy has created a new way for people to act on climate change – by owning part of a wind farm to supply their homes with zero-carbon, low cost electricity. Ripple makes clean energy ownership accessible for the first time to people who live in flats, rent, or are planning to move home in future. Electricity is supplied to customers’ homes by Ripple’s supply partners via the grid. Customers can choose from Ripple’s supply partners’ full range of tariffs with the savings from their wind farm applied to their electricity bill automatically.

Ownership is via co-operatives, which Ripple manages. Ripple takes care of every aspect of the wind farm on behalf of its customers, from securing the best consented projects, to managing their construction and maintenance using experienced, trusted third party contractors. Customers will be able to see their output from the wind farm in real time, via their personalised dashboard and through the Ripple App.

Ripple was founded by Sarah Merrick in 2017. It is based in east London and currently employs 8 people.

About Sunamp

Sunamp designs and produces heat batteries which store energy when it is available from renewable and other sources, and release it as heat when required with much lower cost and higher efficiency than competing technologies. In 2010, the company began collaborating with University of Edinburgh’s Department of Chemistry to develop new heat storage technology using phase change materials and create a commercially viable product with the potential to reduce carbon emissions and cut fuel bills. The result is Sunamp’s UniQ range of heat batteries. UniQ heat batteries are already installed in thousands of homes across the UK, and with agreements in place in Europe and in China, Sunamp’s game changing technology has demonstrated global potential for heating and cooling in residential, commercial and industrial and automotive markets. Sunamp’s HQ and manufacturing facility is in Scotland. The company employs over 60 people.