Sunamp at UN Climate Change Conference COP26

Sunamp is showcasing how the company’s world-leading thermal storage technology decarbonises the heating and cooling of homes and buildings by being part of events held alongside November’s global COP26 summit.

It’s been an exciting journey since Sunamp’s first investor pitch sessions at EIE to this year’s £6million investment from the Scottish National Investment Bank. Now the global COP26 summit is here and Sunamp is there too.

We’re a recognised leader in how thermal storage optimises renewable energy, and as such, we’ve been chosen to speak at a mix of online and in-person events being held alongside the global climate change summit.

We’re highlighting how our thermal batteries use our world-leading thermal storage technology to reduce carbon emissions from the heating and cooling of homes, buildings and vehicles.

Our CEO, Andrew Bissell, and Chair, Hank Torbert, are speaking at sessions hosted by the New York Times, National Grid UK, EIE and Scottish Enterprise on 3, 4 and 5 November 2021. The sessions are open for registration and are either online or in the publicly accessible COP26 Green Zone.

The dates, times and registration links are listed below. We also include any recordings of the sessions made available afterwards.

Scotland’s green investment and innovation showcase

If you’re interested in how we make homes warm and comfortable using low-carbon heating, and our investment journey from EIE to Series B, we’re sharing case studies as part of Scottish Enterprise’s Climate Ambition Zone session about green investment and innovations. Join us at 3:30pm on 3 November 2021.

Moonshot inventions: staying true to the needs of people and the planet

Thursday 4 November sees an exciting opportunity to meet our US-based Chair, Hank Torbert, as he joins the New York Times Climate Hub panel session in Glasgow. The session has been curated in collaboration with The University of Edinburgh, which involved a vetting process and selection of diverse climate innovators. This is an in-person session starting at 9:30am but you can also join online.

Talking about heat innovation for a cooler tomorrow

Next up is the decarbonising heat session, again part of Scottish Enterprise’s Climate Ambition Zone series of online events. We’ll be sharing examples of where our thermal storage batteries cut carbon emissions and make renewable energy work more effectively. The session starts at 11am on 4 November 2021.

In conversation with National Grid

We’re delighted to be invited by National Grid to join their COP26 Green Zone area. Both Andrew Bissell and Hank Torbert are hosted by Duncan Burt, National Grid’s Chief Sustainability Officer, for a one-hour conversation. To hear what they say, visit the National Grid stand at 4pm on 5 November 2021. This event is not live-streamed but there will be edited highlights available later – look out for links on our social media and website.

Published: 1 November 2021