UK government names Sunamp CEO Andrew Bissell as member of new Small Business Council

The Chief Executive and co-founder of heat battery manufacturer Sunamp, a world leader in thermal storage technologies, has been named as a member of the new Small Business Council in an announcement by UK Government. Andrew joined 18 fellow council members at the inaugural meeting held at 10 Downing Street today (22 February 2024).

The Council brings together firms from across the UK from a wide range of sectors including food & drink, manufacturing, beauty and climate tech. It includes small business organisations such as Small Business Britain, the Federation of Small Businesses and Family Business UK, as well as SMEs themselves.

Chaired by Small Business Minister, Kevin Hollinrake, the Council will work alongside the PM's Business Council to tackle the key issues facing small firms who will be given new levels of access direct to government. It will be a powerful voice for small businesses within government and has been tasked with overseeing three key areas for small firms – access to finance, skills and support as well as removing barriers to growth.

Andrew Bissell at 10 Downing Street

Andrew Bissell said:

“I welcomed the invitation to be a member of the new Council and look forward to helping to shape discussions in the months ahead. SMEs come in lots of shapes and sizes, and it was great to see so many women and such ethnic diversity at our first meeting. One area for discussion will be the low level of that goes to women-led businesses.'

“As innovators, we have to work very hard to create understanding of our technology, and to overcome regulatory and policy barriers to unlock our full growth potential. The UK has an opportunity to drive global regulatory harmonisation initiatives and I believe innovative products in areas of global impact, like Net Zero, need a fast-track approval programme. Private monopolies controlling regulation on behalf of government is causing significant difficulties for innovation to come through and there should be competition in the regulatory space if the private sector is to lead on it.”

Small Business Minister Kevin Hollinrake said:

“Small firms are at the heart of our communities and the engine of our economy – which is why the work of this council is so important. My own experience of working in a small business has given me crucial insights to the problems that SMEs face on a daily basis, from barriers to growth or access to finance.

“We're giving small firms a big voice, so they can directly air their concerns to government without delay – only when we work together can we tackle some of the burning issues SMEs are facing – only then can we help boost jobs and grow the economy.”

Almost every business in the country is a small business (99.9%) who in turn support 27 million jobs across the UK, accounting for £4.5 trillion of annual turnover. Almost every billion-pound company, tech giant or multinational corporation started off as small business, which is why this Council has been formed, to help support and nurture the next generation of small firms to thrive and grow.

Published: 22 February 2024