Sunamp wins Innovate UK grant to advance hand hygiene solution

Heat battery manufacturer Sunamp has been awarded a £50,000 grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s
innovation agency. The grant will support development of mobile handwash units aimed at
improving hand hygiene to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The project was one of just 800 selected from over 8,600 applications that will develop new
technology and innovation to overcome some of the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The mobile handwash units will use Sunamp’s RAL certified heat battery technology to provide large
amounts of clean hot water when and, crucially, where it is needed most, whether on temporary
wards, in the workplace or out in the field.

Sunamp chief executive Andrew Bissell said: “Stringent hand hygiene is key to limiting the spread of
coronavirus and washing hands correctly with soap and water is proven to be more effective than
using hand sanitisers. Widespread access to hand washing facilities is essential, and as the country
emerges from lockdown it will be vital that people continue to be diligent about cleanliness.

“Our mobile units will provide instant hot water and will be suitable for use with and without either
a plumbed-in water supply or nearby energy supply. The risk of legionella disease is minimised as
water is stored at cold temperature and is heated instantly and only as required.”

The mobile handwash units will not require any plumbing or electrical expertise to become
operational. They will require minimum maintenance there will be no trailing wires, and no
additional health and safety considerations.