Watch and listen: how compact thermal storage decarbonises heat in tower blocks

The latest episode in the popular FullyCharged Home Series features Sunamp’s role in decarbonising 364 homes in seven tower blocks in Sunderland, one of the largest projects of its kind in Europe.

Watch how our space-saving and easy-to-install heat batteries became a vital part of making the Core 364 social housing project to replace gas combi boilers with compact thermal storage to optimise low-carbon ground source heat pumps a success.

Discover more about the potential of modern-day thermal storage to decarbonise heating and cooling buildings at The Royal Society’s Unlocking Building Sustainability conference in the ‘Scalable solutions to sustainable retrofitting’ session on 2 September 2021.

Sunamp CEO Andrew Bissell will explain how thermal batteries using non-toxic phase change materials can store energy from a wide choice of sources and release it for heating, cooling and hot water on demand, and how they can be used in retrofits to speed up adoption of renewable energy worldwide.

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