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Case studies

Newbuild rural homes ease fuel poverty with low-carbon heat technologies
Pioneering housing project demonstrates an affordable and low-carbon heating solution for people living in an off gas-grid, rural area which suffers from high levels of fuel poverty.
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Electrifying heat in urban apartments
A space-saving heat battery and heat pump combination replaces a gas combi boiler in a UK city home to deliver the electrification of heat and a lower carbon footprint.
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Smart mini district heating network tackling fuel poverty for older people
The need for social landlords to move away from traditional gas boilers to drive down carbon emissions and help their residents, particularly the elderly, with heating costs is ever present.
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Replacing gas boilers in UK high-rise tower blocks
Compact heat battery and heat pump integrated system design enables the removal of gas combi boilers from 364 space-constrained homes while increasing resident safety and reducing CO2-emissions.
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Affordable low-carbon heating for rural social housing residents
Hot water and space heating integrated system looks to address fuel poverty and social landlord operating costs by using heat pumps to charge thermal batteries in rural Scotland.
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College campus cuts carbon emissions with hybrid energy centre
The Wirral Met College for Further Education in Birkenhead has around 3,000 students and was looking to lower its energy demands while playing its part in reducing the city region’s carbon emissions.
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Tackling fuel poverty by lowering energy use for residents’ hot water and heating
Hot water and space heating systems designed around compact thermal storage cut energy consumption and social landlord running costs in 625 homes across Scotland.
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