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Whether you are an industrial facility, commercial organisation, Government, community or agricultural business, our unique thermal battery technology has been designed to give you greater control, reliability and security of supply for any size and scope of business.

Our heat and cool batteries allow you to solve daily challenges in new and innovative ways, storing and moving heat like an asset, saving energy costs and speeding up processes. They provide large scale static and transportable energy storage (60 kWh on a pallet to multiple MWh in a shipping container) which can store waste heat or be electrically charged with heat or cool on a schedule that minimises demand charges or optimises behind-the-meter electricity generation.

With our innovative technology Sunamp helps you deliver new solutions to long-standing commercial and industrial challenges, and opens up new levels of efficiency, and even new revenue streams.

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Take control of your energy with heat storage

Whether you are a commercial business, industrial operation, utility company or government, you can achieve greater control, reliability and security with our unrivalled thermal storage solutions.

Sunamp technology integrates seamlessly with energy sources to minimise peak energy usage, lower demand charges and generate new revenue streams from grid services and demand response programs.

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Industrial performance and security

Avoid peak charges with our large scale Sunamp thermal batteries, specifically designed to charge when energy prices are low and discharge heat, hot water, air conditioning or refrigeration during peak demand when energy/utility rates are high.

Energy can also be stored from waste heat sources and electricity from behind-the-meter or grid-constrained assets such as wind farms and solar parks, and use it for internal demand, or export it by road, rail or waterway to offices, housing, leisure facilities, district heating networks, or any other site with a hot water, cooling or heating requirement.

Reducing expensive diesel generator and utility costs and eliminating interruptions from power cuts, generates long term savings and energy security for your business.

We work with best-in-class real-time systems monitoring and communications technology, with end-to-end encryption, delivering secure condition monitoring and state of charge measurements, whilst securely accepting control inputs.

Tell us about your commercial or industrial application