The future of home heating

Sunamp’s thermal energy storage solution is the cost-effective, energy-efficient, and safe way to incorporate a renewable energy system into your housing projects.

Our unrivalled heat battery technology is super compact and works with any energy source to deliver heat and hot water instantly with minimal heat loss, saving space and improving cost efficiencies for potential homeowners.

Sunamp Heat Batteries are easy to install and there’s no mandatory annual maintenance, making Sunamp the obvious choice for housebuilders and architects looking for a low-maintenance, low-cost alternative to traditional water storage and heating systems.

Extended life cycle and reliability

Sunamp’s heat storage cells come with a market-leading 10-year warranty, and you can rely on it to keep working for decades after that.

Sunamp is the only heat battery manufacturer in the world to be awarded A Grade RAL Certification, the independent quality mark and the only global standard for Phase Change Material (PCM) and PCM products. The award followed a rigorous test programme, which involved heating and cooling the batteries for 10,000 cycles to demonstrate the material’s performance levels and working life. Sunamp’s own laboratory testing of has so far reached 40,000 cycles, the equivalent of fifty years full use, with minimum signs of PCM degradation. And when it does come to replacing our Heat Batteries, they’re 100% recyclable.

Increase utility storage space

Optimise heating during peak usage times

10-year warranty on the storage cells

Store heat from any source

Sunamp Technology doesn’t limit design and build choices: it enhances them.

Our Heat Batteries store heat from a variety of sources including many renewable and low-carbon technologies. Whichever power source you’re working with on your housing project, store renewable energy for anytime usage, or save money by charging Sunamp Heat Batteries electrically during off-peak periods.

Not only does the Sunamp system beat hot water tanks and electric batteries on size, power and price, its bespoke design can be tailored to meet exact requirements and additional storage can easily be added in the future if required.

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