World leading thermal energy storage technologies

Sunamp designs and manufactures space-saving thermal storage that makes homes, buildings and vehicles more energy-efficient and sustainable, while reducing carbon emissions and optimising renewables.

Public housing in Australia

See how domestic hot water is decarbonised in high-rise and low-rise housing with our proven heat batteries

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Hot water – Thermino

Storing heat from low-carbon energy sources and releasing it for mains-pressure hot water in homes

Housing development
We’re helping developers, planners and architects incorporate our space-saving batteries in renewable energy setups for housing projects
Commercial and industrial
Discover how to reduce carbon emissions from businesses of all sizes by using thermal storage to optimise renewable energy use
Sunamp's thermal batteries are energy-saving thermal stores with Plentigrade, our high-performance phase change material, at their core.

Super-compact thermal batteries

How it works

Storing heat and releasing it on demand

Optimising renewables

Our thermal batteries support the electrification of heat.

They work with heat pumps, wind and solar, grid and microgrid electricity, waste heat, combined heat and power (CHP) and boilers.

And store 4 to 10 times more energy than conventional materials.

Sustained with Plentigrade

Sunamp’s patented Plentigrade technology stores energy in our high-performance phase change materials and releases it to give hot water, heating or cooling on demand.

Long lifespan with best-in-class reliability rating.

Wide temperature range

Plentigrade discharges at a consistent, controlled temperature.

Reliably, safely and efficiently.

This means our thermal batteries can be used to freeze -22°F (-30°C), refrigerate 41°F (5°C) or warm 136°F (58°C), and even sterilize 244°F (118°C) in many different settings.

Making homes, buildings and industry more energy efficient and sustainable

Combining low-cost materials, exceptional long-life and recyclability, our energy-dense batteries deliver a low-carbon solution for freezing, cooling, heating, steam, and hot water.

Sunamp in Australia

Domestic hot water use contributes to around a fifth of Australian residential greenhouse gas emissions and a quarter of household energy use.
By unlocking renewables, decarbonising hot water and improving overall energy efficiency, Sunamp’s thermal storage technology can be a key enabler in decarbonising Australia’s built environment and achieving Australian government’s ambitious goal of 43% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and net zero by 2050.

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