Thames Mobile Heat Consortium to transport waste heat by barge

Sunamp, Cory and Sheen Parkside are set to decarbonise heating by moving waste heat along the River Thames in thermal batteries.

UK government names Sunamp CEO Andrew Bissell as member of new Small Business Council

Andrew Bissell, Sunamp CEO and co-founder, has been named as a member of the new Small Business Council in an announcement by UK Government.

How thermal storage can maximise the benefits of heat pump and solar installs
Flexible, future-proof and easy to fit: A thermal battery is the ideal hot water cylinder replacement
How a Sunamp thermal battery works

A thermal battery can store energy as heat and release it when you need it.

How we developed our Plentigrade phase change material

Plentigrade is the high-performance phase change material which powers our thermal batteries.

Sunamp’s vision for a world powered by renewables and thermal storage

Heating and cooling represent 46% of global energy consumption and decarbonising this has been part of Sunamp’s mission since the very beginning.

Sunamp attends Scotland’s Net Zero Conference in Beijing

The conference on 7 June 2023 took a closer look at Scotland’s net zero capabilities, with Sunamp presenting thermal storage as a key component in decarbonisation.