Sunamp heat batteries in action: a case study of energy-efficient living in New Mexico’s LEED platinum home
Zero carbon hot water for an outdoor kitchen and off-grid home in the US
Newbuild rural homes ease fuel poverty with low-carbon heat technologies

Pioneering housing project demonstrates an affordable and low-carbon heating solution for people living in an off gas-grid, rural area which suffers from high levels of fuel poverty.

Electrifying heat in urban apartments

A space-saving heat battery and heat pump combination replaces a gas combi boiler in a UK city home to deliver the electrification of heat and a lower carbon footprint.

Smart mini district heating network tackling fuel poverty for older people

In a UK first, older people living in social housing in Midlothian are to benefit from reduced fuel costs thanks to a new, smart mini district heating network providing low-carbon warmth by combining thermal storage batteries with communal gas boilers and communal air-source heat pumps.

Replacing gas boilers in UK high-rise tower blocks

Compact heat battery and heat pump integrated system design enables the removal of gas combi boilers from 364 space-constrained homes while increasing resident safety and reducing CO2-emissions.