Central Bank thermal storage for heating

Central Bank is a compact, energy-dense thermal storage solution which can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with heating buildings, process heat and district heating networks.

Providing highly efficient, sustainable, low carbon heat storage, Central Bank thermal batteries are smaller than equivalent thermal stores thanks to our energy-dense phase change material (PCM), Plentigrade. The thermal batteries can be filled with different PCM formulations to suit ambient, heat and steam temperature applications.

Many energy sources

Central Bank thermal batteries are designed to integrate with heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment (HVAC). The thermal batteries can be charged from a wide choice of energy sources including process and waste heat, district heating networks, grid and renewable electricity.  

Modular and scalable, Central Bank thermal batteries can be connected in series or in parallel to increase heat storage capacity needed by commercial buildings, agriculture, district heating and industrial-scale systems.

Different model sizes

Central Bank is our product range for space and process heating.

The systems will come in different sizes, from the shipping container-sized Central Bank which can be used in large-scale commercial and industrial projects, to Central Bank Mini which is suitable for commercial buildings, large properties and small-scale industrial applications.

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