Sunamp’s vision for a world powered by renewables and thermal storage

Heating and cooling represent 46% of global energy consumption and decarbonising this has been part of Sunamp’s mission since the very beginning.

In the first of our Story of Sunamp video series, CEO and co-founder Andrew Bissell shares more about the vision and ambition which has taken us from an idea to a world leader in thermal storage technology.

Along with Susan Lang-Bissell, Andrew founded Sunamp in 2005, with an ambition to develop a thermal storage solution to help tackle climate change.

Considering the practicalities of replacing their combi boiler with a more environmentally friendly heat pump, Andrew and Susan realised they didn’t have space for an accompanying bulky hot water cylinder.

Knowing this could be a significant barrier to the large-scale decarbonisation of heat, they set out to develop a compact hot water solution which could work with a range of energy sources, including renewables. Now, through our heat batteries, Sunamp is an enabler of both low carbon heating and low carbon hot water.

Next in the series, we’ll share how we developed Plentigrade, the high-performance phase change material which powers our thermal batteries.

Published: 14 July 2023