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Welcome to the trade’s go-to place for Sunamp installation instructions, technical leaflets and training sessions about Sunamp’s range of thermal batteries.

Up to four times smaller than the average family’s hot water tank, our thermal batteries can replace traditional hot water cylinders and work with boilers, mains electricity, heat pumps and solar panels to deliver instant hot water and make homes more energy efficient and sustainable. What’s more, our Thermino heat storage batteries are easy to install, require no routine maintenance and come with a market-leading 10-year warranty.

Thermino brochure, instruction and installation manuals, and data sheets

You’ll find technical data, dimensions, part numbers, installation instructions, and brochure in these information leaflets.

Watch how to install a Sunamp thermal battery as a direct cylinder replacement


Our previous heat battery range, UniQ, is widely installed in homes across the UK. It was succeeded by Thermino, our fourth-generation range for domestic hot water, in December 2021, then by our fifth-generation range featuring Thermino ePlus and xPlus in January 2024. The instruction manuals for each UniQ battery model are available to download from the UniQ page, and you'll find the fourth-generation Thermino manuals and data sheets below.

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Thermino i and hp - our fourth-generation indirect hot water cylinder replacements

Thermino e and ePV - our fourth-generation direct hot water cylinder replacements


Our product training sessions are delivered by those with practical experience of installing and specifying Sunamp’s hot water products. The training we provide is free. The aim of the game is not to attend a sales pitch but to learn a valuable skill or information set. Hence, our presentations and sessions are created with your needs in mind.

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