Thermino xPlus

The smart alternative to indirect hot water cylinders


Thermino xPlus works with boilers and heat pumps using the compatible Optimino key. Plus, when you’re ready, you can add solar PV by simply changing the Optimino key.
Modular and scalable, our thermal batteries can be connected in series or in parallel to increase heat storage capacity.

  • Flexible orientation with plumbing exits on three sides
  • Market-leading 10-year warranty on the heating element
  • Minimal risk of legionella
  • No mandatory annual maintenance
  • High flow rate mains pressure hot water
  • Ultra low heat losses – up to 4x lower than a conventional
  • Works with any energy source – boiler, heat pumps, solar PV
    – with the correct Optimino key


There are three different models: Thermino xPlus 150,
xPlus 210 and xPlus 300. They are in litre-equivalent sizes for easy
comparison with traditional hot water cylinders.

How Thermino xPlus works



Saves space
Thanks to the highly energy dense Plentigrade phase change material, Thermino xPlus is up to 4x smaller than the hot water cylinder it replaces.

Reduces gas consumption
Thermino xPlus reduces carbon emissions and gas consumption when charged by a system boiler, with the grid as the backup. When paired with the combi boiler, the battery can help drive savings by preheating for the combi.

Solar PV ready
You can also add solar PV by simply switching to the Optimino vfPV key and drive hot water savings from PV-generated electricity. You can further bring down costs by pairing this with off-peak electricity.

Easy switch to heat pumps
If you’re looking to install heat pumps, simply switch to the Optimino hp key or hpPV key (if paired with solar) without the need to change the heat battery.

Know more about Thermino xPlus

Thermino xPlus data sheet

Thermino xPlus accessories

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