Award-winning net zero green apartments in Whetstone in London use Sunamp heat batteries to harness clean energy from solar PV for reliable hot water solutions

Introduction – designing mindful living

A sustainable new housing development of twenty smart, net zero carbon homes in the heart of Whetstone epitomises mindful living for green-thinking buyers.
The National Energy Efficiency Award-winning apartments with an EPC rating ‘A’ are made from fully recyclable materials, covered by a green roof to welcome wildlife (local bees, butterflies, beetles), house no boilers or fossil fuels, and feature Sunamp heat batteries that store clean energy generated by the building’s solar PV panels to provide instant hot water for residents.

The challenge – making the ‘green’ grade

Given the rapidly rising demand for eco-friendly properties, the developers of the Whetstone Green Apartments, MKM Developments, were committed to building mindful and eco-friendly living spaces for their future-minded residents. To achieve that, they needed to resort to a solution that would eliminate the need for fossil fuel-based boilers altogether. As well as that, it was critical that the apartments make the best use of the building’s clean energy from solar PV panels to provide instant hot water on tap for residents reliably and efficiently.

The solution – excess storage, minimum demand

The Sunamp heat battery, the Thermino ePV, was the ideal, reliable solution to meet the challenges posed by the Whetstone Green Apartments’ sustainability and comfort goals. The heat battery is up to four times smaller than a traditional cylinder, is more energy-efficient thanks to its Plentigrade phase change material technology, and can link up to a PV diverter to store all excess solar generation. It enables residents to use the stored energy in the form of hot water at a time that suits them, minimising the grid demand and lowering energy bills.


The benefits – at peace with the planet

The Sunamp heat batteries play a significant role in contributing to the Whetstone Green Apartments’ sustainability goals: they are estimated to save about 7.651 tCO2e in-use emissions in the first year and 269.763 tCO2e over 25 years compared to a regular gas combi boiler.

In addition, their ultra-compact size requires no maintenance and stores hot water safely and reliably, enabling residents to use it whenever they need, while also contributing to the EPC A rating – the highest measure of energy efficiency in the UK.

The developers found a convenient and reliable solution for residents with lasting benefits: ultra-compact, easy-fit heat batteries offering a maintenance-free supply of hot water while making a tangible contribution to the UK’s highest energy efficiency standards.


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"In a competitive environment, green credentials were essential for making Whetstone Green Apartments an ideal investment for buyers and the local community, and we are very proud of it."

MKM Developments