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Award-winning Thermino range

Our hot water batteries maximise the use of renewable energy and can be charged by air-source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps, grid electricity, boilers, and are also future-proofed for solar PV.

Ideal for retrofitting to existing hot water systems as well as specifying for use in new build projects. Their sleek, super-compact design means they look good in any home and free-up valuable storage space.

Our heat batteries are a thermal energy storage solution that replaces hot water cylinders

Direct cylinder replacement

Thermino ePlus works with grid electricity and with solar PV by adding the Optimino PV key.

Indirect cylinder replacement

Thermino xPlus can work with boilers, heat pumps and solar PV by adding the correct Optimino key.

Why use a Thermino thermal battery for hot water?

Easy fit


No mandatory maintenance

10-year warranty

For products using Plentigrade P58 purchased and installed in the UK. Applies to the heating element & storage core part.

On demand

Save space

Use renewables

Cut CO2

Unlock Renewables. Save Space.

Our heat batteries are up to four times
smaller than the equivalent hot water tank
because they are filled with our patented
energy-dense phase change material,
Plentigrade. This means that heat pump
systems can be installed where otherwise
they wouldn’t fit.

Lower your heat losses. Increase savings.

Depending on how old your hot water
cylinder is, you may be losing 1.344-
3.336 kWh of heat daily. Our Thermino
range has minimal heat loss rate, less
than a quarter of that of a
conventional hot water cylinder.

Add solar PV at any time.

Thermino technology is futureproof.
Make the easy and affordable upgrade to
low carbon efficiency, thanks to our Optimino
technology. Increase self-consumption and
reduce grid reliance.

Over 25,000 Sunamp thermal batteries are already in homes and commercial buildings – storing heat from low-carbon energy sources and releasing it for mains-pressure hot water when needed.

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