Unlock the power of renewable energy with Optimino technology

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The key to effortless transition

The Optimino technology makes it easier and more affordable to transition to renewable energy by allowing upgrades to heating systems without the added expense of replacing the thermal storage component.

Our Thermino ePlus and xPlus range of batteries come fitted with our Optimino controller, which allows the heat battery to work with different energy sources by using a compatible Optimino key—you can add solar PV to the ePlus model, and a solar PV and heat pump to the xPlus model later without the need to change the heat battery.

Designed to future-proof the investment in Thermino heat batteries, homeowners and landlords can make the switch from fossil fuels to renewables at their own pace and budget.

Boiler, heat pump and solar

Make the ecofriendly choice

Thermino range of batteries

To replace hot water cylinders with a more eco-friendly option, choose between Thermino ePlus, a replacement for direct hot water cylinders, or Thermino xPlus, depending on whether you have a heat pump system or not. As a replacement of indirect hot water cylinder, the Thermino xPlus can also be charged by a boiler, spreading the cost of transitioning to renewables further. Start with good thermal storage and build from there.

How Optimino adds flexibility