Thermino products archive

Discover our previous generation of the Thermino product range: easy-to-install, space-saving thermal batteries that work as direct and indirect cylinder replacements

The Thermino range

The previous range of Thermino heat batteries for hot water maximises the use of renewable energy and can be charged by air-source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps, photovoltaics (PV), grid electricity and boilers.

Ideal for retrofitting to existing hot water systems as well as specifying for use in new build projects. Their sleek, super-compact design means they look good in any home and free-up valuable storage space.
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Indirect cylinder replacements

Thermino hpPV
For heat pumps linked to solar PV

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Thermino i
For boilers, with standby electric heating

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For boilers

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Thermino iPV
For solar PV and a boiler, with grid electricity as back up

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Thermino hp
For heat pumps from Daikin, Samsung and Vaillant

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Direct cylinder replacements

Thermino e
For grid electricity

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Thermino ePV
For solar PV, with grid electricity as back up

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UniQ heat battery range

Our earlier heat battery range, UniQ, is widely installed in homes across the UK.

The instruction manuals for our UniQ battery models are available to download here: UniQ thermal battery for domestic hot water – Sunamp UK