Warranty registration

Sunamp offers a product warranty. You’ll find full details and terms in the warranty information document below.

There are two ways to activate the warranty and register your device.

1. Submit the online form below (preferred), or

2. Download, print, and complete the warranty registration form. This can be scanned and returned by email to warranty@sunamp.com, or by post to: Warranty Team, Sunamp Ltd, 1 Satellite Park, Macmerry, EH33 1RY, UK.

We also recommend you download the warranty information document below and keep a copy of this for your records. This contains the terms of your warranty and details of how to make a claim.

Warranty terms before 12 June 2024

If you registered your warranty before 12 June 2024, you’ll find your warranty terms in the document below.

Warranty Registration

  • Product Details

  • Example: X12345678910X
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Your Details

  • Sunamp may process and store my warranty registration and related data including personally identifying information for the purposes of recording warranty details and providing a warranty service.

    Where applicable, Sunamp may receive and store telemetry data from, and may send control commands and software updates to, my Sunamp product via wireless.

    Note: Your warranty cannot be registered or take effect unless you agree to these terms.

    Sunamp agrees to comply with the Data Protection Act at all times.


    Your warranty will not be valid unless you register

    Please tick this box to confirm that you agree with our warranty terms and conditions, and submit below.

Warranty for Willerby homeowners

We have an exclusive warranty for Thermino heat batteries installed in Willerby holiday homes. If this applies to you, use the link below to register your warranty.