Central Bank Mini thermal battery

Central bank

The Sunamp Central Bank Mini provides highly efficient, low-carbon heating for commercial buildings and industrial processes

Up to three times smaller than the equivalent hot water based thermal store, Central Bank Mini is a space-saving alternative to the water tanks and buffer vessels used in buildings for buffering heat.

  • Charges from multiple energy and heat sources
  • Decouples heat sources from heating demands
  • Offers demand side management and shifts heating loads to cheaper off-peak tariffs
  • Reduces pre-heat time required in buildings

Lower Costs

A Central Bank Mini thermal battery is clean and fast to install. There’s no need to increase the size expansion vessels nor the volume of water treatment chemicals.

Running costs are also low because mandatory annual maintenance and inspections are not required.


Modular and scalable, our thermal batteries can be connected in series or in parallel to increase heat storage capacity.

Combines with heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) equipment

Integrates solar thermal and solar PV systems with the existing heating plant


Our Central Bank Mini batteries contain Plentigrade, our high-performance phase change technology and can be filled with different formulations to suit ambient, heat and steam temperature applications. 

For example, using on-site renewable energy to provide hot water for carbon-neutral manufacturing processes or capturing industrial waste heat.  

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