Commercial buildings and industrial settings

Decarbonize heating and cooling while reducing energy consumption

Sunamp batteries optimize renewables which, in turn, reduces carbon emissions from businesses of all sizes, industrial facilities and organisations in the government, community and public sectors.

Our thermal batteries for these commercial and industrial settings can be charged from heat pumps, solar PV, grid electricity, combined heat and power (CHP), waste heat and chillers.

Being able to store and move heat like an asset also provides opportunities for new revenue streams and offers energy supply resilience, while taking you towards achieving your net-zero carbon emission targets.

Address energy efficiency

Our commercial-scale thermal batteries are designed to charge when energy prices are low – or when renewable generation or waste heat is abundant – and discharge heat, hot water, air cooling or refrigeration during peak demand when energy costs are high. Storage capacity ranges from small (kWh) to large (GWh).

Heating and cooling

For dairy farms to distilleries, airports to hotels, Sunamp batteries can be filled with different formulations of our high-performance phase change technology Plentigrade to suit cold, ambient, warm and hot temperature uses.

For example, from -22°F (-30°C) for freezing applications through to 41°F (5°C) for cooling applications such as district cooling networks to 244°F (118°C) for high temperature >176°F (80°C) hot water applications such as sterilization.

Save space and reduce costs

Sunamp thermal batteries are up to four times smaller than an equivalent thermal store thanks to containing our energy-dense phase change material, Plentigrade. Ideal for freeing up space in storage and plant rooms.

Thermal batteries require no regulatory annual maintenance and greatly simplify installation which helps keep running costs down.

Modular and scalable, our space-saving thermal batteries can be connected in series or in parallel to increase thermal storage capacity.

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