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Replace gas boilers with renewables for domestic hot water – transition to net zero by 2035

Sunamp thermal batteries are a low carbon, reliable, space-saving alternative to traditional hot water cylinders.

Lower emissions

You’ll cut carbon emissions and reduce maintenance costs across your housing stock.

Quick installation

Tried and tested in high-rise apartments and low-density housing in the UK, installation is quick and there’s no need for residents to move out.


Ideal for large-scale retrofit or new-build projects where space is at a premium.

Space-saving: up to x4 smaller than hot water cylinder being replaced

There’s often limited space inside homes which rules out installing bulky hot-water systems (and the associated pipework) when looking to replace gas boilers.

The solution is an integrated system with a Sunamp thermal battery fitting neatly in a closet and being charged by grid electricity.

Energy efficiency improves by storing heat generated when electricity is cheaper and releasing it when it is needed. Residents enjoy hot water on demand while using less fossil fuel.

As seen on Fully Charged Show Home Series in the UK


Instead of having the old boiler in the kitchen, you’ve got this new technology in the cupboard. It’s unobtrusive and it works. And that’s the bottom line.

Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive of housing association Gentoo Group

Watch the case study interview with Sunamp and Gentoo Group about the ‘Core 364’ gas replacement programme for seven tower blocks in Sunderland, UK.

Lower maintenance costs

Thermal batteries require no regulatory annual maintenance – unlike domestic gas boilers and unvented cylinders – and greatly simplify installation.

No legionella testing is needed since each battery holds less than 1 gallon of water.

What’s more, the batteries’ compact size releases storage space in each home which helps you meet mandatory space standards.

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