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Driving vehicle fuel economy up and emissions down

Sunamp thermal batteries solve several vehicle thermal management challenges by recovering and storing excess heat for use when, and where, electric and internal combustion engine powered vehicles need it.

Our automotive thermal batteries help reduce emissions, improve air quality and address issues such as engine and cabin warm up, range extension and delivery truck payload cooling.

Extending range of electric delivery vehicles

Sunamp thermal batteries store heat to give electric vehicles (EVs) range consistency in all weathers and extend main battery life in cold conditions. Van and truck mileage is increased and grid electricity charging time is reduced.

There’s also less noise from commercial vehicles allowing for night-time deliveries.

Heating driver cabins and cooling payloads

Our automotive thermal batteries are ideally suited for speeding up the time it takes to reach optimal driver cabin temperature and to demist (or defrost) the windscreen. They can also be used to cool the refrigerated load space.

This is because each thermal battery contains high-power heat exchangers, super-efficient thermal insulation and high-temperature, energy-dense phase change materials (PCM). The heat battery is connected to one or multiple fluid circuits (water and glycol) for rapid charging and discharging heat. Heat can be stored over many days.

There’s also an integral charging system that uses grid electricity to create and store heat for later use.

Warming combustion engines and cabins

Internal combustion engine vehicles waste heat, but they also need heat. With our batteries, you can recover and store this waste heat from coolant and exhaust gases to use later to pre-heat the engine and warm up the cabin.

For example, buses often idle for up to an hour before leaving the depot to warm up the passenger cabin. This increases exhaust emissions and reduces fuel economy. By using the coolant waste heat from a previous drive as a heat source for a Sunamp thermal battery, the cabin warm-up time is reduced by 30 minutes.

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