Seasons greetings from the Sunamp team. See our festive opening hours and emergency cover here.
Seasons greetings from the Sunamp team. See our festive opening hours and emergency cover here.
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Swapping gas for renewables and the role of thermal storage

See how Thermino can make your next retrofit or new build better

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No one in social housing questions the need to retrofit old housing stock to meet today’s carbon reduction requirements and net zero goals. Efficient low carbon energy solutions can also lower energy bills, cut emissions and improve residents' comfort, safety and well being.

The real question is how?

Finding space for the hot water storage needed for renewable heating systems is just one of the challenges social landlords face.

So what are the best practice zero carbon strategies emerging for the social housing sector?

Retrofit to decarbonise

High-rise apartments, Sunderland

Her at the Core 364 project, the thermal battery and heat pump bomination cut C02 emissions by an estimated 420 tonnes per year = or nearly 70% – by enabeling gas supplies to be removed from 364 homes.

Our proven approach to retrofits in high occupancy social housing

Tackle fule poverty

Retirement homes, Midlothian, Scoltland

the HeatShare projet shows how elderly residents use less energy for hot water with thermal batteries in their homes as part of five micro-scale district heating networks.

We work with low carbon energy partners and social landlords to deliver award winning renewable energy systems into hundreds of high occupancy buildings and new builds.

Our super-compact thermal storage has been developed to address the unique and disparate needs that characterise social housing in the UK today.

Benefits [needs better title]


Thermino heat batteries are up to x4 smaller than the equivalent hot water cylinder.

No maintenance:

Once installed, Thermino units require no annual servicing.

Minimal disruption:

Thermino units are easy to install with minimum fuss

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Instead of having the old boiler in the kitchen, you’ve got this new technology in the cupboard. It’s unobtrusive and it works. And that’s the bottom line.

Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive of housing association Gentoo Group