We shared the latest information about how Sunamp’s compact thermal storage decarbonises heating and cooling using affordable, renewable energy by presenting at sessions held adjacent to the COP26 global climate change summit in Glasgow.

Our CEO Andrew Bissell and Chair Hank Torbert put forward the role that Sunamp plays in reducing carbon emissions and in the Race to Net-Zero. Catch up with what was said using the presentation and film links below.

Green investment and innovation showcase
From replacing gas boilers in high-rise tower blocks in Sunderland to enabling heat pumps in Massachusetts, Andrew Bissell spoke about Sunamp case studies during a Scottish Enterprise Climate Ambition Zone session.

Electric Road to COP26 vehicle convoy
Andrew Bissell is a founding member of the Electric Vehicle Association Scotland and joined their EV convoy drivers to share how Sunamp transforms the generation, storage and usage heat in order to make a significant impact on tackling climate change.

New York Times Climate Hub ‘Moonshot inventions’ panel
Where is climate innovation needed the most? Our Chair Hank Torbert answered this, and other questions, as a panellist selected to join the New York Times Climate Hub by session curator The University of Edinburgh.  

Heat innovation for a cooler tomorrow
Decarbonising how we warm homes and buildings is where thermal storage can cut carbon emissions and make a difference. Andrew Bissell explained the role Sunamp thermal batteries play during his presentation at Scottish Enterprise’s Climate Ambition Zone event.

In conversation with National Grid
Sunamp also joined the publicly accessible COP26 Green Zone thanks to an invitation from National Grid. Andrew and Hank enjoyed a discussion session with Duncan Burt, Director of Sustainability, about enabling renewable heat using electrification, flexibility and thermal storage.  

Published: 17 November 2021

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