Connect Sunamp with any energy source easily

Housing Associations and Local Authorities recognised early that solar PV could help alleviate fuel poverty and provide a longer-term energy-saving solution for their tenants.

Energy generated during daylight hours is often lost to the tenant and exported back to the grid. The Sunamp heat battery stores the energy generated by solar PV, providing hot water on demand, without the need for a hot water cylinder or immersion heater. They continue to provide heat even when there is a power cut. As much as 75% of annual domestic hot water can be provided free of charge with this type of solution.

Heat pumps & heat batteries – a perfect match

Heat pumps linked to Sunamp heat batteries improves the efficiency of heating systems by storing heat generated when electricity is cheaper and releasing it when it is needed.

Sunamp thermal storage enjoys ErP A+ rating, outstripping the performance of equivalent hot water tanks which, at best, are ErP B rated, making heat batteries the obvious choice to maximise benefits to the householder.

How do Sunamp heat batteries work?

Reduce heat loss to reduce energy cost

Sunamp heat batteries have extremely low heat losses, as much as 50% lower than today’s best-in-class unvented cylinders.

Increase utility storage space

Optimise heating during peak usage times

10-year warranty on the storage cells

Install Sunamp anywhere

Not only does the Sunamp system beat hot water tanks and electric batteries on size, power and price, its bespoke design can be tailored to meet exact requirements and additional storage can easily be added in the future if required.

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