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Behind the scenes

Sunamp is a world-leading thermal storage technology company and requires a website that not only reflects the new Sunamp brand but makes you look great to a global audience. To meet future needs, it needs to be on a functioning, easy-to-manage and scalable platform. Your website should almost feel like a fellow employee helping you do business.

Creating a new website is a challenge. Everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to design and we may not please everyone. We have tried to make it easier by following some key principles to meet our brief:

Is the site easy to manage?

Is the website scalable?

Are users finding the right information easily?

Easy to manage

At Now Communications, we are very familiar with Sunamp’s current website and its behind-the-scenes limitations. In response, we have created a new webpage builder from the ground up using bespoke elements, layouts and parts tuned to your needs. This makes it simpler for you, Sunamp, to better manage the website.

Scalable is now an international website set up with multiple sites behind the scenes. With this additional functionality, you can scale country websites that independently address local cultural idiosyncrasies, product specifications and data protection rules. You can assign country administrators to access the local web pages and images they need to do their job, which simplifies managing the sites.

User experience

The aim of this website design process was to clearly promote the breadth and depth of Sunamp’s business to website visitors. This is the first iteration of the new website and marks the start of a process of continuous improvement to shape the online experience for your global audiences.


Let's begin

Open the new Sunamp website using the link below. Keep this page open while you complete the tasks in another browser tab. Please complete each task to find specific pages on the website – was it easy or difficult? Please rate your experience and submit the form.

BETA survey

  • Task 1

    Imagine you are a UK homeowner and want to find answers to questions about Sunamp products and services.

  • Task 2

    You are a housing developer trying to find out how to get in touch with an enquiry. Rate your experience of making contact with Sunamp through the website.

  • Task 3

    Finding information about the phase change material that Sunamp has patented. Tell us how easy or difficult it is to find.

  • Task 4

    Find the button where you can download the German Thermino brochure.

  • Task 5

    Find the most recent global news story. Please put the link to the page you find in the additional comment box.

  • Task 6

    Find the dimensions specification chart for the Thermino hpPV thermal battery. Again, please put the link to the page you find in the additional comment box.

  • Task 7

    I’m interested in reading about Sunamp as a company in the UK. Rate your experience in finding this information.

  • Task 8

    Imagine you are a UK installer or stockist and want the installation manual for the Thermino iPV thermal battery

  • Any more thoughts?