Community football club scores hassle-free solar powered hot water

Bonnyrigg Rose Community Football Club replaced their gas combi boiler with solar PV, an electric battery, and two Sunamp Thermino 300 batteries to provide hot water for the players’ showers and all the clubhouse needs.

The challenge 

The club’s existing hot water system was a typical gas combi boiler which was unreliable and often broke down, costing the club in servicing and maintenance.

Jim Wilson, the club’s chair, was looking for a system which would be easy to use and more environmentally friendly, with lower running costs and less maintenance required.

The solution

Jim worked with a plumbing installer to choose a replacement hot water system which would be compatible with the planned solar PV. Initially they looked at a hot water cylinder but Jim was concerned about heat losses, so chose two Thermino 300 units instead.

The Therminos are charged by 10kW of solar panels sited on the club’s roof, with grid electricity as a backup. Jim anticipates that the electricity generated by the solar will cover the club’s hot water usage in the summer months, meaning they won’t be paying for energy to heat water.

The upgrades were funded by the Scottish Football Association (SFA) through the UK Government’s Levelling Up fund. Jim found the funding application process very straightforward and was pleased to receive a grant which covered 75% of the cost of the solar PV, electric battery and Therminos.

The benefits

The new hot water system is much easier for the club staff to manage. Jim said, “The timers are set, the heaters charge, and everyone gets hot water when they need it.”

The club has benefited from financial savings too. Jim estimates they’re saving £1,500 a year on gas, in addition to the money saved on repairs and maintenance costs for the old gas boiler.

Jim was also pleased to be able to access the SFA funding as this freed up club funds for their many community initiatives, including mental health sessions, youth groups and fitness classes for elderly residents.


“We thoroughly recommend going down this route, especially if you can access funding. I would recommend the solar and the Therminos to any other club in the country.”

Jim Wilson, Chair, Bonnyrigg Rose Community Football Club

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