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Thermino hp-SG

For heat pumps from Samsung

Thermino hp-VT

For heat pumps from Vaillant

Thermino hpPV

For heat pumps from Vaillant linked to solar PV

Thermino iPV

For solar PV and a boiler, with grid electricity as back up

Thermino i

For boilers, with standby electric heating

Thermino ePV

For solar PV, with grid electricity as back up


Sunamp training sessions are typically aimed for, but not limited to, building service engineers, installers, specifiers, plumbers and facilities managers.

We run both in-person and online training.

Our HQ and factory are located on the outskirts of Edinburgh where we have a training facility to best demonstrate the subject in question. Alternatively, our course leaders often use demonstration centres run by some of our approved stockists which may well be located near you.

We also host online sessions. Topics range from introducing Sunamp and our products, to talking you through the steps to fit our direct and indirect cylinder replacement thermal batteries.

If you would like to discuss our training in further detail, please send an email to and we’ll get back to you.

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