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Heating your home and water

Sunamp Heat Batteries are the most compact thermal storage technology available on the market today, saving space in your home and delivering cascades of hot water and highly responsive space heating, integrating perfectly with your preferred heating controls.

This environmentally friendly, safe and extemely efficient heat storage system is compact and can easily be installed in a location of your choice, such as under the kitchen sink or stairs. There is no need for a separate hot water storage tank.

Sunamp Heat Batteries can substitute a standard hot water tank working with existing boilers or mains electricity and open up new opportunities to save energy and cost using a variety of renewable energy sources.

Heat vs Electric Storage

Given that the majority of our home energy usage goes towards producing heat, Sunamp provides you with a more compact, more cost effective, low carbon solution to heating your home and hot water.

Our Heat Batteries can be charged using any energy source. You can off-set peak energy costs by charging your Heat Battery with cheaper off-peak electricity, or divert energy from your solar PV, heat pumps or other renewable sources. Once charged, the heat can be released instantly when needed, delivering hot water and space heating during peak times.

A Renewable Grid and Home

If you’re used to the small size, low bills and high responsiveness of a modern gas combi boiler, but want to lower your dependency on fossil fuels and  


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Works With Any Energy Source

Our Heat Batteries are designed to work with any energy source from renewables such as CHP, air or ground source heat pumps, solar PV and wind turbines. They have the capacity to scale up to heat larger homes. They also work with solar thermal systems, biofuel pellet systems, or heat pumps running on an off-peak electricity tariff.

Renewable electricity systems are optimised by Heat Batteries, and able to divert any spare electricity to the Heat Battery. Here it is converted to heat, and stored until it is needed, rather than the electricity leaving the home and going to the Grid for minimal return.

Self Builds and Renovations

If you are embarking on a self-build or improving an existing property and you want to make the most out of your renewable energy system, the Sunamp Heat Battery will deliver instant results. Sunamp Heat Batteries are easy to install, modular, flexible and space saving. They deliver high flow-rate hot water on demand, as well as dramatic efficiency gains and cost savings.

By investing in a Sunamp Heat Battery, you will benefit from a high performance energy storage system that can be easily installed and will deliver savings on your annual heating bill. Whilst it is best to be able to plan for the system at design stage, it is easy to retrofit the storage, as its flexible and compact design means it can be adapted for any project.

House Builders and Architects

Many housing developers are incentivised to incorporate renewable energy systems into their housing projects. They want to deliver the most cost effective, energy efficient and safe heating and hot water systems in their homes. Sunamp Heat Batteries deliver environmental benefits, save space and improve cost efficiencies for potential home owners. They provide a low maintenance, compact alternative to traditional water storage and heating systems for house builders and architects.

Able to store heat from a variety of sources, including many renewable and low-carbon technologies, Sunamp technology doesn’t limit design and build choices but enhances them.

Not only does the Sunamp system beat hot water tanks and electric batteries on size, power and price, its bespoke design can be tailored to meet exact requirements and additional storage can easily be added in the future if required.

Sunamp Heat Storage comes with a 10-year warranty on the storage cells. Accelerated lifecycle testing is already over 40,000 charge-discharge cycles, which represents 82 years with zero degradation.

There are no specific installation requirements such as FGAS or MCS, making Sunamp the obvious choice for all those involved in renewable energy compatible housing.

Social Housing

Housing Associations and Local Authorities recognised early that solar PV could help alleviate fuel poverty and provide a longer-term energy saving solution for their tenants. East Lothian Housing Association (ELHA) rolled out Sunamp Heat Batteries within their housing stock, to ensure tenants could benefit even when the sun does not shine.

Energy generated during daylight hours is often lost to the tenant and exported back to the grid. The compact Sunamp Heat Battery, stores the energy generated by solar PV, and delivers hot water when needed, without the need for a hot water cylinder or immersion heater. They continue to provide heat even when there is a power cut, which is an important benefit to the tenant and the housing provider.

As much as 75% of annual domestic hot water can be provided free of charge with this type of solution. The ‘self-consumption’ of PV energy within the home can be raised from 30% (with PV only) to over 70% (with our SunampPV products). This is a huge benefit to the tenant that justifies the decision to install PV on ELHA’s homes. The replacement of old gas fires and back boilers with the Intergas ECO RF boiler rounds out the total energy saving package. 

Installation, Operations & Maintenance

Sunamp is easy to install and seamlessly integrates into your heating system. We work with select certified contractors worldwide to carry out a professional and expert installation. We supervise and coordinate the installation to give you complete peace of mind.

Our comprehensive 10 year warranty and lifecycle testing offers your project an unrivalled life expectancy, with minimal operational maintenance and maximum protection.

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