Sunamp and Compremum Group team up to tackle gas emergency in Poland with revolutionary heat pump and thermal storage technology package

UK thermal storage technology company Sunamp has signed a partnership agreement with Faradise Energy (trading name of Pozbud Inwestycje Sp. z o.o.), a subsidiary of construction and engineering company Compremum S.A, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, in move that could curb gas use across Poland.

The agreement will see Sunamp ramp up distribution of its energy efficient thermal batteries in Central and Eastern Europe in line with the company's international expansion strategy. The first order under the deal has been confirmed, and sales are expected to reach up to £10m in three years.

The deal was signed in Poznań by Sunamp CEO Andrew Bissell and Faradise CEO Andrzej Laskowski. Faradise Energy will distribute Sunamp's Thermino range of heat batteries for hot water in the Polish market, focusing on heat pump and compatible models. The distribution agreement is a first step towards creating a manufacturing joint venture to produce thermal batteries using phase change materials in Poland under the Sunamp brand.  

Sunamp CEO Andrew Bissell and Faradise CEO Andrzej Laskowski signing the partnership agreement.

Poland is home to one of Europe's fastest growing solar PV markets and is accelerating the adoption of heat pump technology in conjunction with solar PV and other renewables to speed up emission reduction and provide energy security.

Sunamp designs and manufactures compact heat batteries based on its patented Plentigrade high performance thermal storage technology platform. The Thermino range can store energy from renewable sources to deliver hot water in thermal batteries that are up to four times smaller than equivalent hot water cylinders.

Thermino hp heat batteries can support the full range of HVAC solutions involving heat pumps worldwide. Where available, excess solar PV energy can be diverted and stored into Thermino hpPV models.

Sunamp CEO Andrew Bissell said:

“This is an exciting partnership that marks the beginning of Sunamp's plans for significant growth in Central and Eastern Europe. With specialisms in the construction sector and ambitions to grow their share of the renewable energy market, Pozbud Inwestycje is an excellent fit for us. Against a backdrop of soaring energy costs, precarious gas supplies and the requirement to be more energy self-sufficient, the global market for more efficient thermal storage is growing fast as countries turn away from gas and coal towards renewable sources of energy.

“Sunamp technology is at the forefront in leading the transformation of how we generate, store, and use heat and cooling thermal energy. Thermino hp enables heat pumps in homes that lack the space for a large hot water tank and also work with lower temperature heat pumps. We're excited to bring these innovations forward to the market in Poland with our new partners Compremum and Faradise Energy to help rapidly reduce reliance on fossil fuels and accelerate the switch to renewable energy and electrification of heat.”

Faradise Energy CEO Andrzej Laskowski:

“The signing of the trade agreement with Sunamp is an event of great importance to us. Having entered the field of electricity storage for industry, we now have thermal energy storage technologies for households. We believe that this will be an extremely fruitful cooperation which, on the one hand, will support Polish homes in terms of thermal energy supply and, on the other hand, will be the basis for the joint development of both entities in large-scale projects.”

Published: 29 September 2022