Portable cold box stores Covid vaccine at -70C for 24 days+

We can help deliver Covid vaccines at -70C from bulk storage to outlying care homes and surgeries where they are needed in small quantities.

Our solution, developed in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, is the Permafrost VacSafe 


Store vaccines at -70C right up to the point of use.

24 days

Maintains ultra-low temperatures for 24 days and more without the need for a direct power supply.


Small enough to be stored onsite in care homes and surgeries which means double doses can be delivered in one journey.


Portable and robust for safe transportation by car, ideal for GPs and nurses visiting patients who can’t travel.

Less CO2

Produces less CO2 gas for safer storage, especially in confined spaces such as a cupboard.


Uses up to ten times less dry ice and a eutectic version at -74C is also available should dry ice supply become an issue.


Refillable, or returnable for recharge, and is recyclable.

For more information about the Permafrost VacSafe, download the data sheet.

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