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2 Gosforth Park Way, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, United Kingdom NE12 8ET

Home Group have utilised Sunamp units at the Gateshead Innovation Village (GIV) development site in north-east England. The development is a live research and construction project led by Home Group and supported by Homes England. At GIV, Home Group were looking at new ways to disrupt the way housing is delivered and build the homes that are so desperately needed.  The project created 41 energy efficient homes using a range of MMC products including light gauge steel frame and aerated concrete panelised systems, as well as fully modular homes supplied by three different manufacturers. The testing of the construction methods is coupled with sustainable energy solutions which have been built into the homes to test the energy performance and inform the eco strategy for future housing developments. The way in which a home is constructed, heating, hot water, lighting, ventilation, home appliances and cooking all contribute to the amount of carbon dioxide created. MMC, as well as better heating systems, insulation and renewable energy have already reduced the levels of carbon dioxide produced.  Building a gas free development, using MMC to compare and contrast, and adding in innovative heating and control methods has enabled this development to already satisfy the Government’s 2025 Future Homes Standard. These sustainable methods will enable the wider industry to learn from this exciting development and implement these methods for both speed of delivery and to address the difficult task of transition to carbon zero






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