Permafrost Mini thermal battery

The Sunamp Permafrost Mini provides highly efficient, low-carbon cooling for commercial buildings and industrial processes.

  • Offers demand side management and shifts cooling loads to cheaper off-peak tariffs 
  • Reduces pre-cooling time required in buildings
  • Cuts the volume of glycol needed in cooling systems

Lower costs

A Permafrost Mini thermal battery is clean and fast to install.

In addition to your cooling system using less glycol, the running costs of a Permafrost Mini battery are low because mandatory annual maintenance and inspections are not required.


  • Modular and scalable, our thermal batteries can be connected in series or in parallel to increase storage capacity
  • Combines with heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACC&R) equipment
  • Integrates solar thermal and solar PV systems with the existing cooling plant


Our Permafrost Mini batteries contain Plentigrade, our high-performance phase change technology and can be filled with different formulations to suit cold temperature applications. For example, supplying peak demand capability of a city centre cooling network to enable more buildings to be installed onto the network.

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